Our Product

Games that encourage development of key behavioral skills.

We’ve crafted an immersive online game that was designed to be fun and highly effective at synergizing the team, so that they can feel connected to each other, more energized about their work, get improved on their communication and collaboration skills, and heighten overall the team’s morale.

What to Expect

Challenging Puzzles

Similar to the popular game “Escape Room” you and your teammates are faced with challenging puzzles that require wit and collaboration to solve. The moment your team joins the game, you are transported to another world. You’ll quickly discover that a mysterious accident took place and you and your team have limited time to figure it out.


Teamwork will be key, as is curiosity to explore and learn about your environment. Be prepared for surprises and look for ways to make your tasks easier. Take too long and the game is over!


fast and communicate clearly


with intent and compassion


creativity and Innovation

Sharing Mistakes

and taking ownership

Laughing Together

and letting go of work stress


to the goal and relying on your entire team

Network Analysis

Through analyzing conversations, we can graph the dynamics between the players.

Whiznook’s data analysis provides a network analysis visualization of your team interactions. In the graph, players who engage more during the game are closer to each other, and vice versa. Players who have not communicated at all will show up as isolated points.

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