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The concept behind Whiznook came quite unexpectedly from educational games. Many schools use games to learn math, typing and other subjects. Being parents themselves, the founders of Whiznook found the gamification concept very intriguing —  as you play a game you learn useful skills.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, adults stopped playing.

Research shows that learning and behavioral changes happen more organically and assimilate quicker when people are in a state of flow. A state of flow is achieved when there is a perfect balance between the challenge of a certain task and the joy we get from it. Playing is the best and most tried method of getting into a state of flow.

The gamified approach sparked an idea- why not make a game that helps teams to be stronger and better.

Playing is so integral in unleashing our creativity, improving our well-being, and increasing feelings of connection. Furthermore, it has been shown that most successful teams are not necessarily the most skillful but have the highest sense of connection and feeling of safety.

Challenges we face

Hardships of being in a toxic work environment

Stress and unreasonable demands at work put employees in an impossible position where their well-being is in conflict with fulfilling their ambitions. Whenever employees experience dysfunctional dynamic in the workplace it undoubtedly reduces their productivity and enthusiasm. Stressed-out employees are more prone to work-related accidents, suffering from depression and take more sick leave.

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.

Research shows that overworked and overstressed employees are less productive and can lead to a dysfunctional work culture. Quality of work can only flourish from individual and group well-being. It is no wonder then, that feelings of belonging and emotional safety are the most important factors of a successful team. The proven method of improving bonding and cohesion in any team is simple – playing.

Struggles with forming well-functioning teams.

Many companies are struggling with forming and sustaining well-functioning teams. With expertise in behavioral science and data analytics, Whiznook team deeply believes that every team can be successful in achieving their goals when they find harmony and utilize each other’s skills and talents in the most effective way. That’s how we roll.

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