What people are saying about us

"Overall, the Whiznook game experience was surprisingly engaging, fun and very informative. From a manager perspective, I also appreciated the simplicity with which the game could be set up to include our local as well as our remote team members. The set-up took minutes instead of hours. I look forward to playing the next games Whiznook will come up with and comparing our team performance to other teams and seeing the performance scores improve within the team over time.”

Frank Zaugg

VP of System Integration @ Fluxus, Inc.

“Our team had the opportunity to try the Whiznook game when it first became available to pilot users. We found it challenging but intriguing, and we would be interested in revisiting the platform in the future as a paying customer to see what we can glean about our team dynamics.”

Jennifer Mahoney

COO @ Heffernan Insurance Brokers

“My team has tried the Whiznook game early in its development and we see great potential in this tool. Not only did our team enjoy figuring out the puzzles and overcoming the twists in the game, the analytics afterwards provided a unique insight that promoted discussion and action in our team. I believe tools like Whiznook's intelligent games are the future of team development, especially in a rapidly increasing remote work environment. Excited to use the next gen products from Whiznook with my team.”

Galen David

Founder and CEO @ Neobloom

“Hi Whiznook, thanks for the gameplay. Our team really enjoyed it. As our team is working from home these days, it's tough to make catchups informal and interactive. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.”

Abhishek Chauhan

COO @ Trugo Design

"My team played an early version of the Whiznook Escape Room. We were looking to incorporate a fun, playful activity into our training with teams. Not only was it a great online alternative but it is focused on team development and it offers tools that we could not get in a physical space. Finally, the focus of Whiznook is on team development not just creating a fun pastime. This engenders trust that as the product grows it will get even better for team development, which is important in the decision on which product to incorporate in our training. I can imagine many areas for growth as the product matures and from my experience so far, the people at Whiznook are very open to new ideas to assist with team development.”

Steve Wolff

Founder @ Inspire Teams

“I joined Trugo Design Studio online and never met my team and thus the communications were generally very formal. But the whiznook game was very cool and I got to know more about my team members. Eagerly waiting for the full launch of the game :)”

Michelle Connel

Business Development Manager @ Trugo Design